Odroid XU4 Cooling Fan Blue

Odroid XU4 Cooling Fan Blue

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Cooling Fan XU4 Blue 

The ODROID-XU4 includes the cooling fan by default. You might need this part when you want to replace the original cooling fan.

– Power : 5Volt / 120mA(max)
– Dimension : 39.5 x 40.0 x 10.0 mm
– Fan speed : 4000rpm approx.
– Cable length : 50mm approx.
– Noise Level : 23dBA approx.
– Blue anodizing surface
– Package includes a thermal paste tube. The thermal paste is responsible for conducting heat from the processor to the heat sink. Reassembling without applying thermal paste will cause the processor to overheat.

PWM port on ODROID-XU4 2pin header which connector is Molex 51021-0200 / 1.25mm pitch.
The fan motor speed is controlled by CPU temperature proportionally.


1. Minimize stress/bending to the PCB when you mount/un-mount the cooler


Installation Guide : https://wiki.odroid.com/accessory/howto_install_heatsink_xu4
Step 1 : Remove the stock cooling fan
Step 2 : Clear the surface of the CPU and cooling fan
Step 3 : Apply the thermal paste on the CPU surface. Make sure to cover the entire surface that will mate to the cooler.
Step 4 : Install the new cooling fan